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Vlagyimir Putyin
Oroszország elnöke
Született: 1952 Oroszország
Gyermekek: 2
  • Éves: HUF 36.927.891,00
  • Havi: HUF 3.077.324,00
  • Heti: HUF 710.152,00
  • Napi: HUF 101.172,00
CNN March 2015: Putin will take a 10% pay cut on his roughly 9 million ruble salary starting May 1st. His net worth remains a mystery. Officially, he owns two apartments, a garage, two GAZ Volga cars, a caravan, and a piece of land. Unofficially, he is thought to be much, much richer. Bill Browder, the CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, and formerly Russia's largest foreign investor, told CNN he thinks Putin might be worth as much as $200 billion. Other sites think that estimate is too high and refer to the $70 million that Forbes released in 2014.
Moscow Times April 2014: President Putin sees his salary increased 2.65 times. He made 3,360,000 rubles a year, but will earn from now on 9,731,351.20 rubles.
Salary 2012: 5790823 rubles
Salary 2010: 5042257 rubles
Notification: the salarychecker is based on a 5 days working week and two weeks holiday per year.

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